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C# .NET Framework SDK


The Akeyless SDK for C# .NET Framework makes it easy for you to integrate your C# .NET Framework applications, libraries, or scripts with the Akeyless Vault secret management services.
The below C# code examples shows a typical sequence of how to integrate secrets into your application.


Build the project and use the following namespaces:

using Akeyless.ApiGateway.Api;
using Akeyless.ApiGateway.Client;
using Akeyless.ApiGateway.Model;

API Server Configuration

Configuration.Default.BasePath = "";
var apiInstance = new DefaultApi(Configuration.Default);


string accessId = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("AKEYLESS_ACCESS_ID");
string accessKey = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("AKEYLESS_ACCESS_KEY");
var response = apiInstance.Auth(accessId, "access_key", accessKey);
var token = response.Token;


Authentication methods

In addition to authentication with Access-ID and Access-Key, you can authenticate to Akeyless Vault with username and password.

Create a New Static Secret

string name = "name_example";
string value = "value_example";
var response = apiInstance.CreateSecret(name, value, token);

Get Static Secret Value

string name = "name_example";
var getValReplyObj = apiInstance.GetSecretValue(name, token);


Documentation for API calls

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C# .NET Framework SDK

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