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Create & Authenticate:

  1. In order to create a new Akeyless Vault account you can click on Create one in the registration page:
  1. Insert your email address:
  1. After receiving the following message, please check your email:
  1. In your email you’ll find the following email message, please click on Activate your account:
  1. Please fill all fields in the following registration window and click on the Create Account button:
  1. If the account was successfully created, you will receive the following message:
  1. Now you can login to your Akeyless Vault with your email & password:


In order to configure a new profile using email/password you should run the following command:

akeyless configure --profile profileName --access-type password --admin-email [email protected] --admin-password XXXX

For using auth command using email/password you should run the following:

akeyless auth --access-type password --admin-email [email protected] --admin-password XXXX


  1. Configure-UI authorization
    1.1 Email, Password:

1.2 Access-ID, Access-Key:

  1. Web-UI authorization:
    2.1: Email/Password:

2.2. Access-ID, Access-Key:

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