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Dynamic Secrets

Dynamic secrets are secrets that are generated every time they are accessed, using the permissions you've defined in advance. In this way, users can access the configured third-party tool for a temporary period of time with a defined set of permissions. You can create dynamic secrets for third-party tools such as RabbitMQ and AWS and you can configure multiple dynamic secrets for the same tool in order to granularly control the breadth of access enabled as well.

In order to use dynamic secrets in Akeyless:

  1. Create a producer. Producers are the third-party tools that you are creating the dynamic secrets for.
  2. Configure the dynamic secret.

Producers are stored in the Akeyless Gateway, and as such are part of the private network. The producers mitigate communication between Akeyless and the third-party tool in order to authenticate users every time they request access with a dynamic secret.


To configure a dynamic secret, you must have an account and access credentials for the relevant third-party tool.

How it works

To create and fetch dynamic secrets:

  1. Install and run the API Gateway Overview.
  2. Create a producer.
  3. Create a dynamic secret and associate it with a producer.

Updated 23 days ago

What's Next

Start by creating a producer:

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Dynamic Secrets

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