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Dynamic secrets

Dynamic secrets, as we discussed earlier, are generated every time they are accessed, and so they are safer than static secrets by nature. You can create dynamic keys for third-party tools such as RabbitMQ and AWS.

In order to use dynamic secrets in Akeyless:

  1. Create a producer. Producers are the third-party tools that you are creating the dynamic secrets for.
  2. Configure the dynamic secret.


To configure a dynamic secret, you must fulfill these prerequisites:

  1. Install and run the API Gateway Overview
  2. Ensure you've configured credentials from the third-party tool you're using as your producer prior to setting the producer up and creating the dynamic secret in Akeyless. More information about this is available in the documentation about each of the possible producers as follows:

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What's Next

Start by creating a producer:

RabbitMQ Producer
AWS Producer

Dynamic secrets

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