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How to: Provision Secret to your K8s [old]


You should have kubectl installed.
You should have K8s cluster up and running.
The below example is for Azure Kubernetes Service.


You should add credentials to Azure container repository into your kubectl:

az login (or login --username --password)
az aks get-credentials --resource-group --name

Download AKEYLESS sidecar deployment script from the below link.

You should update the Access-ID and Access-Key in the file and run the script:

kubectl create namespac akeyless
helm install aks helm-chart --namespace akeyless  -f ./helm-chart/values.yaml

Now, you are ready to run an exemplary container, that pulls secrets values upon creation.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: mypod
    akeyless/agent-inject: "enabled"
    akeyless/inject-secret-1: "MySecret"
    - name: mypod
      image: nginx

To deploy mypod run the following command.

kubectl create -f /your_path.mypod.yaml

mypod will be deployed with AKEYLESS secrets baked in.
To view injected secrets open terminal session with this pod.
Secrets can be found at the following path: /akeyless/vault/secrets

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How to: Provision Secret to your K8s [old]

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