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Install & authenticate the CLI

Akeyless Vault CLI has a pre-compiled binary version for Linux, MacOS and Windows which can be easily installed via installation script. (In case you're not using any of the above, or you'd prefer using a platform-agnostic version, take a look on our Docker-based CLI).

Follow these steps to start using our CLI:

Download and install

  1. Open the terminal as an administrator.
  2. Run the following script to download the CLI binary:
curl -o akeyless
chmod +x akeyless
curl -o akeyless
chmod +x akeyless
curl -o akeyless.exe

Type Y when prompted to run the application from the system path:

Verify the installation:

akeyless -v

Next, you'll create an authentication profile to enable your local environment to connect with Akeyless.


Once you've installed the CLI, configure authentication from your local environment to the Akeyless Vault.

Use the authentication mode that you also used when you signed up and signed in to the UI, use your username and password credentials, or use the API key Akeyless assigned to you when you signed in for the first time. If you're not sure what's best, consult your administrator.

For more information about authentication methods, see API Key.

In the following example, you'll find both the API-key and the LDAP authentication methods: API-Key and LDAP.

#configure a profile
$ akeyless configure
Access ID:  p-abc12de
Access Key: /type your access key here
Profile default successfully configured
$ akeyless configure --access-type ldap
Access ID:  p-abc12de
Ldap Proxy URL: http://api-proxy-ip-address:api-proxy-port
Profile ldap successfully configured
akeyless configure --admin-email yourEmailAddress

Now you can start using the CLI:

Now that you’re past the basics, you’re welcome to explore. We’re here for any questions. Go for it.

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Install & authenticate the CLI

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