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Install & authenticate the Proxy CLI

We provide Proxy CLI which provides the exact same options as the standard CLI but without the need to create and maintain the Customer Fragment.

In case you're using Akeyless Vault with a Zero-Trust Proxy, you should be following "Using CLI tools with a Zero-Trust Proxy" guide.

If you're not sure what a "Zero-Trust Proxy" means, please ask your Akeyless Vault Admin of your team. You may also read more about Akeyless zero-trust.

Follow these steps to start using our CLI:

This Proxy CLI is currently supported on Linux or MacOS.

To download the Akeyless Proxy CLI, simply fetch it from Curl Proxy via curl:

$ curl http://curl-proxy-ip-address:proxy-port/akeyless_proxy_cli --output akeyless_proxy_cli

The remote curl proxy IP will need to be configured via Environment Variable:

$ export AKEYLESS_PROXY=http://curl-proxy-ip-address:curl-proxy-port

Example usage:

$ akeyless_proxy_cli create-secret --name MySecret --value "some secret value" --token XXXXXXXX
$ akeyless_proxy_cli get-secret-value --name MySecret --token XXXXXXXX
$ akeyless_proxy_cli list-items --token XXXXXXXX --strip item_name

Now you can start using the CLI:

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Install & authenticate the Proxy CLI

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