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Supported Secret and Credential Types

Akeyless supports storing and managing access to all of the apps and tools you use in your daily flow in the a secure vault, allowing access to only you.
Secrets and access management includes management of these items:

  • Passwords
  • API-Keys
  • SSH-Keys
  • TLS/SSH Certificates
  • Encryption Keys
  • Signing Keys

The following table describes these different types in detail.

Secret Type

What's that?

Static secrets

A key and value used for access.
Akeyless encrypts key values using our patented technology.

Static keys can be used to store and manage your passwords, API tokens, SSH keys, and even PII or Credit Card Numbers.

Dynamic Secrets

With dynamic secrets, you can create ad-hoc temporary credentials in real time for a certain resource. Once used, the credentials are no longer valid and cannot be reused.

Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are either AES or RSA keys of various sizes. Use these keys to encrypt secrets or any other kind of data, and also to sign binaries or application-transactions.

SSH Cert Issuer: The Akeyless SSH Certificate Authority

Once you've stored a single private key, you can create temporary SSH keys per session for third-party authentication.

PKI Cert Issuer: The Akeyless PKI Certificate Authority

The PKI Cert Issuer generates an ephemeral certificate signed by an RSA key that is added to the root or intermediate certificate chain of trust.

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Supported Secret and Credential Types

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