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Secure Remote Access Overview

Enable your DevOps, Engineers and IT teams to securely and seamlessly access resources - servers, databases, internal applications, and SaaS - in any of your environments, whether private, public, or on-prem.

AKA Zero-Trust Application Access, our solution uniquely combines capabilities of interfacing with 3rd-party Identity Providers for authentication with robust role-based access control for authorization and the ability to provide Just-in-Time access to endpoint resources, using dynamic secrets as short-lived credentials and certificates.

Privileged and non-privileged access is allowed via various protocols such as SSH, RDP, SQL, Kubectl (and more..) either from the Akeyless Remote Access Portal or the native CLI tools. Furthermore, keep compliant with session auditing and recording capabilities. You can even revoke sessions in real-time if any suspicious activity is detected.

Updated 18 days ago

Secure Remote Access Overview

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