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Universal Identity

Universal Identity enables you to identify your machines without the need for an initial secret.
Akeyless Universal Identity solves the Secrets Zero problem by providing inherited identity derived from parent system together with an ephemeral token for continuous authentication.

In order to use Akeyless Universal Identity, please choose and download the relevant file from the links below.




In case Universal Identity is not rotating on MacOS - there is a need to provide disk access to cron according to

In order to use Akeyless Universal Identity, you need to download a tar file from one of the below links.” -> “..please choose and download the relevant file from the links below


The tar file contains 3 utilities:

  • akeyless_cli (doesn't require authentication token)
  • akeyless_init_universal_identity (init)
  • akeyless_universal_identity_token_rotator (rotates the identity token)

Open the tar file and run the init script, according to the below.

$ ./akeyless_universal_identity init
Access ID: #enter your access-id
Access Key: #enter your access-key
Requesting starter token...
Starter token received [**************]
[sudo] password for user:
AKEYLESS Universal Identity successfully initiated


Please note

In the case the init fails during 5 consequent rotations attempts (one attempt is made every 60 seconds, totaling at 5 minutes), please rerun the init script.

Updated 6 months ago

Universal Identity

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