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Akeyless Gateway - Specs & Network

The Akeyless Gateway is a stateless docker container, provided as a standalone or cluster. In order for the Akeyless Gateway to function properly, it requires public network connectivity to the Akeyless SaaS CORE.

A basic deployment would preferably require a Linux Server (VM) with a docker engine installed.
You may download the latest docker engine on Docker website.

Network connectivity

  1. Network access to pull a docker image from DNS: (https:443)
  2. Outgoing network access to Akeyless SaaS Core Services via the following URLs:

Outgoing network access to Akeyless SaaS Core Services via the following IP's:



Ohio (us-east-2)

Virginia (us-east)

Oregon (us-west-2)

Ireland (eu-west-1)

Akeyless Services Description

The following table describes the main functionality of Akeyless micro-services:

Service Name



Akeyless SaaS platform.

Vault :

User Account Management, managing user account, items and roles.

Auth :

Akeyless Authentication service.

Audit :

Audit log main service, enables log forwarding from GW & Bastion.


Billing infrastructure service.

Gator :

Main service to sync gateways instances, and connections with Akeyless SaaS.

MQ : amqps://

Message queue between Akeyless micro-services.


Key Fragments Services, enabling full DFC encryption.

Logs : tcp://

GW logs, mainly to be reflected during failure scenarios.

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Akeyless Gateway - Specs & Network

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