Enabling Autofill Functionality on Android

Allow Autofill in Android Settings

Open Settings on Your Android Device: Navigate to your device's main Settings menu. You can find the Settings app in your app drawer or by pulling down the notification shade and tapping the gear icon.

Go to System Settings:
In the Settings menu, scroll down and select "System." This may vary slightly depending on your Android version; for some devices, you may need to look for "General Management" or simply "Languages & input."

Access Languages & Input:
Within the System menu, find and select "Languages & input." On some devices, this might be directly under the main settings menu.

Select Autofill Service:
Tap on "Autofill service" under the Languages & input settings. This option might also be listed as "Autofill" in some Android versions.

Choose Akeyless Password Manager:
A list of available autofill services will appear. Select "Akeyless Password Manager" from the list to set it as your default autofill service. If Akeyless Password Manager is not listed, ensure you have installed the app from the Google Play Store.

Enabling Akeyless Password Manager for Autofill

Launch Akeyless Password Manager:
Open the Akeyless Password Manager app on your device.

Navigate to Settings:
Once inside the app, locate the settings or preferences section. This is usually accessed via a menu in the top right corner or by selecting your profile icon.

Enable Autofill:
In the settings menu, look for an option related to autofill, such as "Autofill Service" or "Enable Autofill." Follow the prompts to enable autofill functionality with Akeyless Password Manager.

Using Autofill with Akeyless Password Manager

Login to Apps or Websites:
When logging into an app or website, tap on the login field. The Akeyless Password Manager autofill popup should appear, suggesting login credentials for that site. If you do not see the popup, tap the key icon in your navigation bar or above the keyboard.

Select the Account:
Choose the appropriate account or login details from the Akeyless Password Manager suggestions. Your username and password will be autofilled into the login fields.

Manual Autofill:
If autofill suggestions do not appear automatically, you can manually trigger autofill by tapping and holding the login field, then selecting "Autofill" from the menu. Choose Akeyless Password Manager from the list of autofill services if prompted.

Confirm and Login:
After your credentials are autofilled, proceed with any additional login steps required by the app or website.

Top Mobile Browsers Featuring Comprehensive Autofill Capabilities:

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The Google Chrome browser is equipped with Autofill capabilities; however, users may occasionally encounter inconsistencies in its performance. In certain instances, it may be necessary to close and subsequently reopen the Chrome browser to achieve the desired Autofill functionality. To ensure an optimal user experience, we advise considering the use of one of the mobile browsers highlighted previously. These alternatives have been identified for their robust and reliable Autofill support, catering to the needs of users seeking seamless digital interactions.