Gateway Configuration Manager

The Gateway Configuration Manager is available at http://Your-Akeyless-Gateway-URL:8000.

Gateway Configuration ManagerGateway Configuration Manager

Gateway Configuration Manager

In the Gateway Configuration Manager, the Gateway Admin can:

After the first login to the Gateway Configuration Manager, a record for the new Gateway instance is created in the Akeyless Account.



Each Gateway instance is uniquely identified by the combination of the Access ID of the first logged-in Authentication Method and the Cluster Name (defaultCluster by default).

Components of the Gateway Instance NameComponents of the Gateway Instance Name

Components of the Gateway Instance Name

All the changes that the Authentication Method makes to the Gateway instance configuration or to the secrets in that Gateway are saved to the Account. Thus they can be retrieved even after the container with this instance was removed and then created again.

Saved Gateway ConfigurationsSaved Gateway Configurations

Saved Gateway Configurations

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