Gateway Configuration Manager

The Gateway Configuration Manager is available at http://Your-Akeyless-Gateway-URL:8000.



The use of HTTP protocol is considered insecure and discouraged; thus, remote Gateway configuration is not supported over HTTP. If you wish to configure your gateway remotely make sure you do it over HTTPS.

In the Gateway Configuration Manager, the Gateway Admin can:

As well as setting the default Authentication Methodfor the users on that Gateway, setting the default encryption key for that specific Gateway, and triggering an event of the Gateway state when it goes inactive to the Akeyless Event Center

After the first login to the Gateway Configuration Manager, a record for the new Gateway instance is created in the Akeyless Console.



Each Gateway instance is uniquely identified by the combination of the Access ID of the first logged-in Authentication Method and the Cluster Name (defaultCluster by default).

You can identify and manage your Gateway inside the Akeyless Console, under the Gateways section.
The Gateway's instance name is comprised of three strings, appearing in this order:

  • Account ID: The string with the following format acc-xxxxxxx

  • Access ID: The string with the following format p-xxxxxxx

  • Cluster name: The remaining string component

To create a new Gateway instance or cluster, it is important to change the access or name strings.

To complete the setup of your Gateway, on the Akeyless Console, navigate to the Gateways screen, set a meaningful name for your Gateway, and provide the Gateway server URL to work with your Gateway from the Akeyless Console.