Slack Plugin

A One-time Password (OTP), also known as a one-time PIN, is a password valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. Akeyless can be used as a Slack app to share OTP easily inside your Organization Slack account.


Slack Slash Commands allows users to invoke the Akelyess app by typing a /akeyless into the message composer box. By enabling Slash Commands, the Akelyess app can be summoned by users from any conversation in Slack.

To Set the Slash command a workspace admin shall perform the following configuration:

Command - the name of the command, set to /akeyless

Request URL - the URL we'll send a payload to, when the command is invoked by a user. Set to

Short Description - exactly what it sounds like, a short description of what your command does. e.g. AKEYLESS Secrets Management

Using AKEYLESS OTP via Slack

Type /akeyless in Slack and select the OTP option:

Type in the content of the message you'd like to send for example:

/akeyless Secret Management Reimangined

Once sending the message, click Yes to share the secret OTP in the Slack channel, A URL will be shared with the recipient.

Clicking on the OTP URL will allow the view of the secret only for a one-time.