AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)

To set up Akeyless KMS Integration with AWS KMS, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new AWS Target in the Akeyless Platform. You can do it either from the Akeyless CLI or in the Akeyless Console.



Remember to give the AWS Target's credentials permissions to manage keys in AWS KMS regions.

  1. Create a Classic Encryption Key in Akeyless. You can do it either from the Akeyless CLI or in the Akeyless console. Alternatively, You can also use an existing Classic Key if it fits the target's accepted algorithm types.

AWS targets only support AES256GCM type keys.



Any classic key will be protected using the Akeyless DFC key (you can select a DFC key with Zero-Knowledge Encryption).

  1. Associate the key with the AWS Target. When you attach a key, a copy of the key material is securely transferred to the AWS KMS in accordance with its key import specification.



When you associate a key with AWS, make sure to reference the alias when using the key in AWS. Otherwise, the association will break when you rotate the key.

You can export the key into multi-regions within AWS KMS, where the default region will be based on the AWS Target region, for later replication you can set the option without specifying the extra regions for later use, for example:

akeyless assoc-target-item --target-name <target-name> --name <classic key name> --multi-region="true" --regions us-east-1 --regions us-west-1

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