Akeyless Gateway Overview

Akeyless offers a unique Gateway, which adds an extra level of protection between your private network and the cloud.

Acting as a SaaS extension of our core services, our stateless Gateway enables a transparent internal operation with a robust out-of-the-box mechanism to ensure service continuity and recovery while you are not required to change any network infrastructure in order to work with your internal resources.

Our unique approach enables a variety of capabilities relying on our state-of-the-art Encryption Technology you can securely use our Dynamic Secrets, Rotated Secrets along with KMIP Server and more Advanced Data Protection flavors, without exposing any internal resources to the public network.

With this Gateway, Akeyless offers:

  • Live fallback for network connectivity issues

  • Service continuity via secrets snapshots

  • Local in-memory cache for continuous service

  • Log forwarding to an existing SIEM server.

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Akeyless Gateway Architecture

Akeyless Gateway Architecture


Check out our tutorial video on Installing and Configuring the Gateway.