Creating New Secret

Step 1: Launch the Akeyless Mobile Secret Manager Application
Locating the App: Begin by finding the Akeyless mobile password manager application on your mobile device.

Opening the App: Tap on the Akeyless icon. This action initiates the application, and you may see a brief loading screen as the app prepares to open.

Step 2: Initiate the Secret Creation Process
Accessing the Main Interface: Once the Akeyless application has fully loaded, you'll be presented with the main screen.

Locating the Creation Button: At the bottom of the screen, you'll find a prominent blue plus button, designed to be easily identifiable.

Beginning the Process: Tap on this blue plus button. This action signals the app to enter the secret creation mode.

Step 3: Define the Secret's Name and Location
You will be redirected to a new screen dedicated to creating a new secret.

In the first field labeled 'Secret Name,' enter a unique and easily recognizable name for the secret.

Optionally, you can specify the 'Location' of the secret by using the drop-down button located on the right side of the 'Location' field.

If the desired folder does not exist, you have the option to create a new folder within the secret location window; by using the inline option.

Step 4: Enhance Security and Add Context
Providing Context: Use the 'Description' field to add any relevant information about the secret, such as its purpose or associated account details. This information helps organize and serves as a reminder of the secret’s use.

Activating Delete Protection: For added security, especially against accidental deletions, toggle the 'Delete Protection' option. This feature requires an extra layer of confirmation before any deletion can occur.

Step 5: Define the Secret Value
You will enter the secret's value directly In the 'Value' field, input the information you wish to keep secret.

This could be a secure note, an API key, or any other sensitive information that requires secure storage.

Step 6: Save the Newly Created Secret
Saving the Secret: After reviewing the details you’ve entered, press the 'Save' button once you're satisfied that everything is correct. This action securely stores the new secret within the Akeyless app.