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GitLab Plugin


GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a Git-repository manager including wiki, issue-tracking and continuous integration and deployment pipeline features.

Integrating Akeyless Cloud Vault with GitLab CI/CD

  1. Open your GitLab project and make sure you have a yaml file named .gitlab-ci.yml
    As an example update it to contain the following steps:
    name:  akeyless/ci_base
    - export DEMO_SECRET=akeyless://demo-secret
    - export MY_SECRET=akeyless://mySecret
    - akeyless auth --access-id p-xxxxxxxxxxxx --access-type jwt --jwt $CI_JOB_JWT
    - source ~/.akeyless/
    - echo "Secret=[$DEMO_SECRET]"
    - echo "Fetching Secrets is Easy [$MY_SECRET]"
  1. Make sure to replace the path to the relevant secrets as well as the access-id value with your matching OIDC access-id (as appears in Akeyless console)


Please note

The image is akeyless/ci_ base which is a public docker image based on ruby:2.4 that contains Akeyless CLI as well as other essential components

  1. After editing the file should look like this:
  1. After running the job the result should look like this:
  1. Success! - the secrets are accessible to use within the job logic (in this example they are just being printed).

Updated 2 months ago

GitLab Plugin

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