Secret Types

Akeyless enables you to work with the following secrets types:

  • Static Secrets: Key/value pairs that you create and update manually. The values usually remain the same for long periods. Typically, you use static secrets to protect passwords, API tokens, and even personal identifiers (PII) or credit card numbers. See Static Secrets.

  • Dynamic Secrets: Temporary credentials that are generated on-demand to provide a client with access to a resource for a limited period of time, with a limited set of permissions. See Dynamic Secrets.

  • Rotated Secrets: Passwords for privileged-user accounts that are periodically updated by resetting a password on a target machine. The Akeyless Vault Platform stores the updated secret value so that it can be retrieved when required. see Rotated Secrets.

  • Encryption Keys: AES or RSA keys of various sizes. Use these keys to encrypt secrets or any other kind of data, and also to sign binaries or application transactions. See Encryption Keys.

In addition, Akeyless acts as a Certificate Authority for the internal environment. Akeyless supports two types of certificates, SSH and TLS.