Hashicorp Vault Proxy

Akeyless developed API compatibility with Hashicorp Vault OSS, enabling the use of Vault OSS community plugins for both Static & Dynamic Secrets.


  • Extending the variety of platforms plugins
  • Side-by-side scenarios with passwords repositories
  • Easing migrations from existing solutions

Interaction with Akeyless vault proxy can be done against our public endpoint: https://hvp.akeyless.io

Or directly through your Gateway on port 8200.


V1 secret engine proxy will be available using this prefix: v1/kv

curl --header "X-Vault-Token: XXXXX"  https://hvp.akeyless.io/v1/kv/{secret-name}

V2 secret engine will be available using this prefix: v1/secret/data

curl --header "X-Vault-Token: XXXX" https://hvp.akeyless.io/v1/secret/data/{secret-name}

In case the secret value itself is a JSON-structured object, the Path must be in the following format:

secret/<Full Secret Name>, without the data/ prefix, you can use the internal JSON keys as the Key Names