Audit Logs

Akeyless Vault collects detailed audit logs per secret type, operation, user, time, etc.

Akeyless audit logs take note of just about every change\action within the Akeyless Vault system, providing a complete track record of your Akeyless Vault system operations. Therefore, Akeyless audit logs are a valuable resource for Akeyless admins and auditors who want to examine suspicious activity on Akeyless Vault or diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

These audit logs can give an Akeyless administrator invaluable insight into what behavior is normal and what behavior isn’t. A log event, for example, will show what activity was attempted and whether it succeeded. This can be useful when identifying whether a system component is misconfigured or likely to fail.

Akeyless log auditing is important for cybersecurity because it provides records that can serve as evidence. A comprehensive and in-depth log audit can make all the difference in the event of a legal battle and can protect your business from liability.


Example of Akeyless Audit log

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