Server Inventory

Akeyless Server Inventory discovery enables importing and managing Local Users from remote servers into Rotated Secrets in the Akeyless Platform.

The discovery process can work against a standalone Windows, SSH, and the migration will use the Target credentials to connect to the endpoint server using Winrm or ssh correspondingly. On each server, the discovery will search for all users except the Ignored Users List.

Set Up Automatic Migration for Server Inventory

To create the Server Inventory Migration, login to your Gateway on port 8000, navigate to the Automatic Migration -> Server Inventory -> Add, and set the following:

  • Name: A unique name for the migration object.

  • Migration Target: Select an existing SSH Target or a Windows Target to discover local users on that Target.

  • Ignore the Following Local Users: Comma-separated list of Local Usernames to exclude while migrating.

  • User Name Template: A template for the created items, where the imported Local Users will be saved as Rotated Secrets ) inside the Akeyless Platform, i.e: Users/{{COMPUTER_NAME}}/{{USERNAME}}, This path includes the prefix of the Destination Folder.

  • Search in Privileged Users Groups : A list of groups to scan.

  • Target Location: Destination folder path inside the Akeyless Platform for the migrated users. Make sure your Gateway has enough permissions to create Secrets under this location. The migrated Rotated Secrets (doc:targets) of your Local Users will be saved under this location.

  • Enable SRA: Enable/Disable Secure Remote Access setup for the migrated local users via the Rotated Secrets. Default is Disabled, the Rotated Secrets will not be created with SRA configuration. Available only for accounts with the SRA package .

  • Auto Rotate: Enable/Disable automatic/recurrent rotation for the migrated secrets. By default is Disabled. If Enabled, this should be set with rotation-interval and rotation-hour settings.