GCP Portal Access

You can enable secure remote access to GCP Portal on a dedicated static secret that stores the credentials for GCP.

Users can then access the GCP Portal from the Secure Remote Access Portal without being exposed to your GCP credentials in Isolated mode.


To enable secure remote access to the GCP Portal you need:

Set Up Remote Access to GCP Portal from the Akeyless Console

  1. Log in to the Akeyless Console and go to Items.

  2. Create a new static secret that specifies the GCP portal login details in the following format:Username..Password



The Secret value is a concatenation of your GCP Username and your GCP Password with double dots as a delimiter.

  1. Click on the Secure Remote Access tab, select the pencil icon and enable the Secure Remote Access, then fill in the following fields:

Injection URL: The GCP login URL to inject secrets. e.g.

  • Secure Web Browsing: Optional, secure web browsing over isolated web browser available only with Web Access Bastion.

Secure Web Browsing (Isolated)

All secrets which have Secure Web Browsing option enabled are marked with a badge in the Akeyless Secure Remote Access Portal.



Please make sure that the GCP Portal site URL specified in the values.yaml file on the Web Access Bastion.