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Browser Extension

Browser extension is used to provide quick access to the user's Vault.
Akeyless Vault supports browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


To install browser extension for Chrome:

  1. Click the link, and then click the Add to Chrome button.
  1. In the Add “AKEYLESS Secret Manger”? Window click Add Extension. The extension is added.
  2. Click on the Akeyless browser extension icon. You can sign-in with the following options:
  • Email & password
  • Access-ID & Access-Key
  • SAML

The Akeyless Vault browser extension is successfully installed, it is accessible by clicking on the K icon on the browser tab.
In the below example we used it to search for any secrets beginning with *new within the Vault.

You can create a new static secret directly from the browser extension by pressing the more icon at the upper right corner, and filling the secret details.


To install browser extension for Firefox, click on the link below and follow the above steps. Or search Akeyless within Firefox official Add-ons store.

Updated 7 months ago

Browser Extension

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