Browser Extension


The Akeyless browser extension is a password and secret manager tool that allows you to access and utilize certain items from your account on the go, save details from web forms to a personal folder, and inject passwords into secure remote access sessions.



While you will be able to view or manually add to the secrets in the shared account folders you have access to, any password saved into the extension from a web form will be saved automatically to your Personal folder, which only you can see and manage, regardless of any role or permission anyone else has in the account.

Installing the Extension

The extension is available on Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge and is used similarly to all of the browsers.

To install the extension on Firefox, follow this link.

To install the extension on Google Chrome, follow this link.

To install the extension on Microsoft Edge, follow this link.

After installing the extension, select the K icon and log into your Akeyless user using one of the following authentication methods:

  • Email & password
  • Access-ID & Access-Key
  • SAML
  • OIDC
  • GitHub
  • Google

Once logged in, selecting the extension icon from the toolbar will open a pop-up window that will allow you to access your personal folder, access the account secrets according to your role permissions, add new passwords, add passwords to favorites, and select user preferences. Additionally, a blue lock icon will now appear in your web forms letting you save their details into the extension.

Using the Extension

The extension can is used to manage and access Secret typed items, each with its own use cases and best practices.


Passwords can be created manually from the console or the extension, as well as saved into the extension from web forms. To read more about manual password creation, go to Password Management. The extension also allows you to view any additional value or information about the password, given you have the needed permissions if the password is in the team folder.

To save web form information directly into your personal folder, select the blue lock icon that will now start appearing in your browser, and select Save to Akeyless after filling out the form. Information saved like this can only be sent to the personal folder.

To use the information you save, select the same blue lock icon before filling out the form, and choose the listed password that matches your needs.

Scan OTP using QR codes

To add to a password item a One Time Password for MFA usage based on a QR code image from a web page, select the relevant password item, and click on the action menu and select Scan. The Akeyless extension will scan any available QR code and will automatically provide you the OTP code.

Static Secrets

Static Secrets can be both accessed and created through the extension, although we do recommend you create them from the console for a more comfortable experience.

Any secret you have access to can be viewed, edited, deleted, or any other action you have permission to perform
on the selected static secret.

Dynamic Secrets

In addition to the actions described in the static secrets section of this page, Dynamic Secrets have their own unique use case.

Dynamic Secrets can be used to create temporary credentials for other endpoints, like databases and other services. Having the extension installed an available will allow you to generate the temporary credentials on-the-go for any web application, saving the need to tab over to the Akeyless console or to open an Akeyless CLI window.

Rotated secrets

In addition to the actions described in the static secrets section of this page, Rotated Secrets have their own unique use case.

It is considered a best practice to occasionally rotate your secrets, and while you can set automatic rotation conditions, there might be a need for manual rotation in certain circumstances. Having the extension available will allow you to rotate your secrets on-the-go, saving the need to tab over to the Akeyless console or to open an Akeyless CLI window.

Using Favorites Functionality

Saving a Secret to Favorites

  1. Choose the relevant secret.
  2. Click the star button.
  3. Your secret is now saved to your favorites. Look for a small blue star icon positioned at the upper part of the secret type icon.

Viewing Your Saved Favorites

  1. Explore your collection of saved secrets by clicking on the "Favorites" tab.

Removing a Secret from Favorites

  1. Navigate to the "Favorites" tab.
  2. Locate the relevant secret.
  3. Click on the blue star icon.
  4. The secret is removed from your favorites.

Configure Custom/Specific Tenant

This feature allows users to configure a custom/specific tenant URL for their web browser extension.

How to Configure Custom/Specific Tenant:

  1. Click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the web browser extension while on the sign-in screen.
  2. Enter the custom/specific tenant URL in the text field.
  3. Click "Save".