Artifactory Dynamic Secrets

You can define an Artifactory dynamic secret to allow users to dynamically receive access tokens to interact with a JFrog Artifactory server (5.0.0 or later) via its API.

For more information on how to use access tokens in Artifactory, see here.


Currently, access tokens are supported only for API requests, and are mainly used for automation, CICD, and so on.

Create an Artifactory Dynamic Secret

  1. In the Akeyless Gateway, select Dynamic Secrets > New > Artifactory Producer.
  1. Give the producer a name, and define where it should be saved.
  2. Define the following parameters:
    • Base URL: The JFrog Artifactory REST URL, which must end with the artifactory postfix. For example, if you use your JFrog URL, this could be Or, if you use your JFrog Artifactory server hostname and port, this could be http://ARTIFACTORY_SERVER_HOSTNAME:8081/artifactory/.
    • Admin Username: The Artifactory user with privileges to create JWT tokens.
    • Admin API Key/Password: The API key or password of the admin user.
    • Token Scope: The scope to assign to the token, provided as a space-separated list of scope tokens.
    • Token Audience: The other JFrog Artifactory instances or services that should accept this token, provided as a space-separated list. The default value is the JFrog Artifactory service ID instance that created this token. For example, to accept all JFrog Artifactory instances, type [email protected]*.
    • User TTL: The token expiration.


Expiring access tokens cannot be revoked early.

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