JavaScript SDK

This documentation suits Node.js and React.

The Akeyless JavaScript makes it easy to integrate your NodeJS applications, libraries, or scripts with Akeyless. The following guide shows a typical integration.


To install the JavaScript SDK run:

npm install akeyless --save


Create and configure an instance of Akeyless Client:

const akeyless = require('akeyless');

const client = new akeyless.ApiClient();

client.basePath = '';

const api = new akeyless.V2Api(client);

To work with Your Gateway set the client.basePath with your Gateway API endpoint on port 8081.


The Akeyless JavaScript SDK supports multiple Authentication Methods.

Using cloud ID

To work with a Cloud-based Auth, Add the Akeyless Cloud ID library for JavaScript and set the relevant access-type based on your cloud provide, the following example uses azure_ad:

const akeyless = require('akeyless')
var akeylessCloud = require('akeyless-cloud-id')

const AkeylessClient = new akeyless.ApiClient();
AkeylessClient.basePath = '';
const api = new akeyless.V2Api(AkeylessClient)

async function getSecret(key, opts) {
    try {
        const authResult = await api.auth(akeyless.Auth.constructFromObject(opts))
        const token = authResult.token

        const someObject = akeyless.GetSecretValue.constructFromObject({
            names: [key],
            token: token
        const data = await api.getSecretValue(someObject)
        console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + JSON.stringify(data))
        return JSON.stringify(data)
    } catch (e) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(e, null, 2))

async function getSecretWithCloudId() {
    const accessType = "azure_ad"
    const cloudId = await akeylessCloud.getCloudId(accessType)
    const opts = { 'access-id': "Access ID", 'access-type': accessType, 'cloud-id': cloudId }
    const secret = await getSecret("my-secret", opts)    

Make sure to set your Access Id and accessType in the relevant places. The received token should be provided for every request that requires authentication.

API Reference

For a detailed API reference, see here.