Slack Event Forwarder

Slack Event Forwarder enables you to forward event notifications to Slack URLs based on your configuration. These include notifications about Items, Auth Methods, Targets, and Gateways, which can be configured to be sent immediately or every 1 to 24 hours.

Create a Slack Event Forwarder using the CLI

To set up a Slack Event Forwarder, use the following command:

akeyless event-forwarder create slack \
--name MyForwarder \
--gateway-url <'https://<Your-Akeyless-GW-URL:8000>'> \
--url <slack URL> \
--items-event-source-locations </MySecrets/*> \
--targets-event-source-locations </MyTargets/*> \
--event-types <event type> \
--runner-type[=immediate] <immediate / periodic> \
--every <1-24 hours>

The main parameters for the command are as follows:

  • name: Event Forwarder name

  • gateway-url: Akeyless Gateway Configuration Manager URL (port 8000).

  • url: The server that will receive the events

  • items-event-source-locations: Items event sources to forward events about, for example: /MySecrets/*

  • targets-event-source-locations Targets event sources to forward events about, for example: /MyTargets/*

  • auth-methods-event-source-locations Auth Methods event sources to forward events about, for example: /API-Keys/*

  • gateways-event-source-locations: Gateways event sources to forward events about, for example, the relevant Gateways cluster URL: https://<Your-Akeyless-GW-URL:8000

  • event-types: A comma-separated list of types of events to notify about, A list of all the event types can be found here

  • runner-type[=immediate]: Event Forwarder runner type [immediate, periodic]

  • every: Rate of periodic runner repetition in hours

You can find the complete list of parameters for this command in the CLI Reference - Slack Event Forwarder

Create a Slack Event Forwarder using the Console

  1. Log in to the Akeyless Console and open the Event Center, select Manage Forwarders. If this is your first Forwarder, it appears as Add Forwarder, click it and choose: Slack

  2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: The Slack event forwarder name.
  • Slack URL: The URL which will receive the notifications from Akeyless
  • Gateway: Choose an existing Gateway from the drop-down list to select the relevant Gateway
  • Choose either to receive notifications about the events immediately or on an hourly basis
  • Event Sources: Select the Items / Auth Methods / Targets / Gateways you would like to get events on based on their locations
  • Event Type: Choose the relevant event to be notified about from the following list