Chef Infra Target

You can define a Chef Infra target to be used with Chef Infra dynamic secrets.

Create a Chef Infra Target in the Akeyless Console

  1. Log in to the Akeyless Console, and go to Targets > New > Infra Targets > Chef Infra.

  2. Define a Name of the target, and specify the Location as a path to the virtual folder where you want to create the new target, using slash / separators. If the folder does not exist, it will be created together with the target.

  3. Define the remaining parameters as follows:

  • Server Username: Specify the username of the privileged Chef Infra user authorized to generate temporary credentials.

  • Server Key: Provide the access key of the privileged Chef Infra user.

  • Server URL: Provide the URL of the Chef Infra server.

  • Skip SSL: Select this checkbox to skip SSL.

  • Protection key: To enable Zero-Knowledge, select a key with a Customer Fragment. For more information about Zero-Knowledge, see Implement Zero Knowledge.

  1. Click Save.