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Retrieve a Static Secret Value

Retrieve and view secrets directly from the CLI or from the intuitive UI.


Retrieve with plugins and SDKs too

You can retrieve secrets directly from within the context you choose, such as from Kubernetes, Jenkins, Azure or another of our integrations, and also with the help of any of our SDKs. Check out our docs on these subjects Akeyless Vault Plugins and SDKs.

Retrieve and view from the CLI

To retrieve a secret from the CLI, run the command get-secret-value, similar to the following:

akeyless get-secret-value -n YourSecretName --version VNumber

Use these options:


Mandatory? (Y/N)




Name of the secret.



Optionally, specify the version of the secret that you want to retrieve.
Read more about versions in Updating and versioning static secrets.

Retrieve and view from the UI

  1. Navigate to the folder in which you want to create the new secret.
  2. Click on the secret to manage it:
  1. Click the eye icon next to the Value of the secret to view the value.
  2. Click any pencil icon to update the configuration of the secret.
  3. Click Decrypt and copy to clipboard to copy the value of the secret and to use it.

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Retrieve a Static Secret Value

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