Set Up Event Forwarder on Akeyless System

Setting up an event forwarder in Akeyless is a process that enables you to automatically send events from Akeyless to another system or application, such as a logging or monitoring service. This capability is particularly useful for maintaining security and operational awareness. Here’s how to configure an event forwarder in Akeyless:

Step 1: Access the Akeyless Console

Log In: Start by logging into your Akeyless management console. You'll need administrative access to configure event forwarders.

Step 2: Navigate to Event Forwarders

  • Click the bell icon

  • Click open event center

Step 3: Create a New Event Forwarder

Initiate Creation: Inside the event forwarders section, there should be an option to create a new event forwarder.

  • Click on “New”

Step 4: Configure Event Forwarder Settings

  • Specify Destination: Enter the destination where you want the events to be forwarded. Choose ServiceNow.

  • Name the event

  • ServiceNow URL
    • Instance url =
    • Api call url = for example pi/1235934/json_reciver_from_akeyless/akeyless_events, this is a path of Scripted Rest Resource path from ServiceNow admin console

  • Must have suffix = ?api=api
  • Authentication
    • For our example I am using user name / password auth
    • username = the admin user name of the instance, in case you are using the dev servicenow environment the user name called 'admin'
    • ServiceNow details can be found here:

Step 5: Register the Gateway

  • Select the configured gateway
  • Link to Gateway configuration