Configuring TLS

Akeyless Gateway should always be used with TLS to ensure all traffic is encrypted at transit.

In case you are working with Load Balancers or reverse proxies in front of your Gateway, TLS should be used for all network connections.

"Configure the TLS" Reminder"Configure the TLS" Reminder

"Configure the TLS" Reminder

To configure TLS,

  1. First, select the components of your Gateway installation, where you want to set up TLS.
TLS Configuration ParametersTLS Configuration Parameters

TLS Configuration Parameters

  1. After that, upload a TLS Certificate and provide a TLS Private Key in PEM format.



Akeyless acts as a Certificate Authority for the internal environment.

You can use the PKI/TLS Certificate Issuer in the Console to issue ephemeral TLS certificates for internal network resources.

It is also possible to configure TLS using environment variables.

When the Gateway is installed on Kubernetes, you can configure TLS using the Akeyless Gateway Helm chart.

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