Secure Remote Access Bastion

The Akeyless Secure Remote Access Bastion provides Secure Remote Access to resources using Akeyless Just In Time credentials (dynamic secrets and SSH certificates).

This chart bootstraps an Akeyless Secure Remote Access Bastion deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


Currently, when using DB application (mysql, mongodb.mssql), it'll only work properly when using load balancer with "sticky" session:

When using SSH sessions behind load balancer such as ELB, the session can be closed due to idle connection timeout, so its advise to increase it to a reasonable high value, or even unlimited.

e.g when running on AWS with ELB:


Currently, the helm chart requires a storage class with ReadWriteMany access modes.
Since a storage class is more environment specific, you will need to provide one before proceeding. In addition, please provide 2 PersistentVolumes with persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy: retain and reference those PVs in the values.yaml file

e.g when running on AWS with EKS:

Horizontal Auto-Scaling

Horizontal auto-scaling is based on the HorizontalPodAutoscaler object.
For it to work properly, Kubernetes metrics server must be installed in the cluster -



To enable Secure Remote Access features you will have to get an access-key to Akeyless private repository. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

Installing the Chart

Add Akeyless helm charts repository to your Helm repository list:

helm repo add akeyless
helm repo update

The values.yaml file holds default values, copy the file from:

Or run the following helm command to generate the values file:

helm show values akeyless/akeyless-sra > values.yaml

And replace the values with the ones from your environment where needed.



If you don't have an SSH certificate ready, please follow this guide on how to create SSH Cert issuer with Akeyless vault and set your CA Public key in the values.yaml file.

The following parameters are mandatory:


Default Value




Required Credentials to access Akeyless internal image


Required A full URL of Akeyless Gateway.



Required Credentials for zero-trust access: if provided, it is possible for end users to have only "list" permissions on Akeyless item.
Currently supported AWS IAM.


[ ]

Limit access to privileged items only for these end user access ID.
If left empty, all access Id are allowed



Required SSH Cert Issuer CA Public key

Install the chart:

helm install <RELEASE NAME> akeyless/akeyless-sra -f values.yaml

Verify that both ssh-sra-akeyless and web-sra-akeyless pods are up and running.



Akeyless supports session termination, which can be configured as part of this chart deployment.
To enable session termination please set your Okta\Keycloak apiURL and apiToken under sessionTermination section.

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