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Secure Remote Access Overview

Secure Remote Access is based on the fundamental philosophy of trusting no one, and requiring a user to verify privilege before access.

In the context of secure access the requirements translate to the following differentiated features of Akeyless Secure Remote Access:

  • Mutli Factor Authentication (MFA) via Third Party Application on your organization.

  • Granular application with Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Enable your DevOps, Engineers and IT teams to securely and seamlessly access resources - servers, databases, internal applications, and SaaS - in any of your environments, whether private, public, or on-prem.

AKA Zero-Trust Application Access, our solution uniquely combines capabilities of interfacing with 3rd-party Identity Providers for authentication with robust role-based access control for authorization and the ability to provide Just-in-Time access to endpoint resources, using dynamic secrets as short-lived credentials and certificates.

Privileged and non-privileged access is allowed via various protocols such as SSH, RDP, SQL, Kubectl (and more..) either from the Akeyless Remote Access Portal or the native CLI tools. Furthermore, keep compliant with session auditing and recording capabilities. You can even revoke sessions in real-time if any suspicious activity is detected.


Akeyless solution for Secure Remote Access can be deployed for different endpoints types:

Zero Trust Portal

Akeyless Zero Trust Portal is a cloud managed solution delivering a Secure Remote Access service to efficiently connect distributed users with distributed applications without compromising on security or user experience.

On your browser navigate to .

The default authentication method relays on MFA via SAML. If you don't have your SAML authentication setup within Akeyless please review this guide.

In case you are working with your own customer fragment, please enter your Akeyless API GW URL on port 8080, to access Akeyless REST API.

  • Web Client URL - Your Zero Trust Bastion URL, optional field. Provides endpoint to SSH/DB/RabbitMQ instances. URL is required to be able to work with SSH/DB/RabbitMQ instances.

  • Web Access Dispatcher URL - Your Zero Trust Web Application URL. Provides endpoint to instance of machine that runs the web access application. URL is required to be able to work in web access mode (isolated).

  • Generating a SAML Bookmark URL
    Authentication is performed via SAML service. To simplify the login experience, fill out the form and click on the button Generate SAML Bookmark URL. This creates a link that is copied to the clipboard. Save it in a convenient place (ex: browser bookmarks) and next time use it to automatically fill out the form for you.

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Secure Remote Access Overview

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